English Translation follows the Chinese.

很久没有打理过博客了,最近一直都比较忙,暂时把博客转移到 Linode 了,但是有明显感觉 Linode 的网络也有所劣化了。可能一直要忙到七月才有空了。


博客也从 Typecho 转移到了 WordPress,目前一切还在适应中。

It’s been a long time since last time I updated my posts as I’m really busy recently. Temporarily, I transferred all my data to Linode whose Internet quality is dropping, which makes my confusing. Anyway, I may not be back until this July.

Yesterday, I do some updates to my background server including secure ones.

And I now reform my blog to WordPress from Typecho and I’m still adapting to it.