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为加快本站的使用体验,我们与 CloudFlare 建立了 CDN 合作关系,以加快本站在全球绝大多数地方的使用体验。当然,在中国大陆我们选择了阿里云提供数据分发,以改善中国大陆地区的链路连接体验。

注意:由于接入 CloudFlare 的过程中会重新请求 SSL 证书以及本站强制使用 SSL 链接的方案导致最长在 24 小时内,从 CloudFlare 节点请求数据的用户将无法访问本站。

In order to improve the experience of site using, we established CDN partnership with CloudFlare, which made most of the world could visit our site more smoothly. Of course, we choose Alicloud as data distribution provider in mainland China to improve connection performance.

Note: Users who request data from CloudFlare nodes may not be able to access to our site during the time (up to 24 hrs) that CloudFlare re-request SSL certification. Also, our strict SSL policy makes this happen.