English translation follows Chinese.







Recently, all kinds of orders to restrict development of culture came one after another. Although they're not really influence my own life, I really feel so terrible.

We always want to be a part of the world culture, want to be a member of this wonderful world, want to communicate with people in other country freely. The success of globalization has benefited from the vigorous development of the Internet, but when this platform becomes a hotbed of evil and isolated to the rest of the world, globalization will only be a dream.

The event of Wei Zexi (Baidu, one search engine of China, lead him to a fake hospital which made his death) has passed for a while, however Baidu still publish endless misleading ads. Maybe with profit, no one will really cares your life. Also, with so many evil hospitals, there's no relevant departments can help govern. Probably, all they can see is still profit.

The same way, let self-media develop wildly, leading to various kinds of fake news spreads through the Internet causing people panic, triggering a variety of races and religious hatred. The government calls us to learn from Xi, the president. But I'm not sure if population quality has improved. Do the efficient things is much better than what looks great.

The people in this environment is wried, too. When the SAPPRF (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television ) banned programs of South Korea, they're cheering for them. But when something happened to themselves, they will find them are helpless. The most horrible thing is that these things have a deep mass foundation.

Back to the start, the Internet makes people in different places closer. When the country was locked, our country suffered a lot. And centralism will make people rest on their laurels. Deng Xiaoping's reform and opening up has shortened the distance between China and the rest of the world with the rapid development of China's economy. And open is one of the core. If we continue to turn back, everything we've made will become nothing. A man never does anything thing wrong would not afraid of rumours. Other people say rumours about you is simply you are stronger than them. However, hiding never helps and makes you weak.