AirBoard 网站上有这样一句话——“探索不同文化的可能”。然而,AirBoard 在过去的很长一段时间的更新都只在做英国下议院首相问答(PMQs)。我们现在想要推出一个新的项目来真正实现自己的理念,于是有了 AS Culture。

AS Culture 主要翻译文章与大家分享,可能有些时候会做一些视频。文章涉及的方便可能也比较广,希望来自不同领域的你能够喜欢。

There are some words on the AirBoard website: Explore the possibilities of different culture. However, in the past long period, what we had done is only Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs). Now we want to do something to reflect our concept and here are AS Culture program.

In AS Culture program, we mainly share translated (to Simplified Chinese) text and sometimes maybe a video with you. The posts may cover various areas, and we hope you from the different field would like it.

Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash