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现在远没有到谈版权意识觉醒那一步。单举个例子,以前搜狐买了版权同步更新的 Fargo S1,当时看的时候是完整版。过段日子再去看,第一集里 Lester 用锤子杀妻的镜头全部剪掉了,非常生硬,后头几集里没有露点的激情戏也被全部剪掉,非常生硬。但凡是有跟血腥和性相关的镜头全部都剪掉了,非常生硬。一个国家,影视作品没有分级制度,不尊重作品的创作,不尊重观众,一律把所有人当成8岁儿童来对待,客观一点说话,我不知道这件事情适不适合发生在2017年。

现在各大视频门户也有买了版权的欧美影视作品可以观看,没错的。但如果你真的是在讨论版权,能不能告诉大家,真正的界限在哪,我们要通过什么途径观看其他正版电影?大家都去CC买碟吗?国内大部分的观众,现在能用美区 iTunes 吗?足够全面的,能够让我们购买正版影视的网站,现在有吗?人们的观赏需求,能被正常地满足吗?不能,没有,不能,没有。一句话都没有说,除国产作品外全都886,起码你要先告诉我正版如何能够购得,再为了保障正版权益去端掉盗版,好不好?七十年前的片子,五十年前的片子,十年前的片子,半年前的片子,突然消失,没有任何其他观看路径。你现在告诉我这是版权问题。这么多年以来大家都在这锅温水里咕嘟着,现在直接开到最大火给你们收汁一刚。



It's far from talking about the awakening of copyright awareness. For example, Sohu, one of video platforms of China, bought Fargo Season 1 once with synchronisation update and nothing deleted. But after a while, the scene that Lester kills his wife with a hammer was cut which was pretty stiff. Besides, in the after episodes, there's no sex scene with exposing sexual organs which were pretty stiff. And everything with blood and sex was all cut off, which was pretty stiff. A country without grading system, that doesn't respect the creation of works and audience, and treat every people as 8-years-old children. Objectively speaking, I don't know if it's suitable this thing could happen in 2017.

It's right that the video platforms has bought the copyright of film and television works in other countries. But if you're really talking about copyright, could you please tell us what real limit is. How can we watch other genuine movies? Should we all go to CC? Is most of us can visit iTunes of the U.S.? Is there any platform for us to buy genuine film and television? Can people's viewing needs be met properly? No, we don't. No, we can't. Without any word, every program except what was made in PRC was all gone. If you're really talking about copyright, why don't you tell us where can we buy genuine film and television before you end piracy which you said you aimed at protecting genuine works? The works that were made 70 yrs ago, 50 yrs ago and 10 yrs ago were all gone in sudden without any way to see them again. Now you tell us it's about copyright. In the past years, people are relying on that, now you can shut this all down.

From the cinema to the streaming media, and then to the self-media, not to mention the paper media, can you make any awake people with independent thinking and viewing ability feel respected? Is everyone Miklós Haraszti? Must the struggle of ideology be sacrificed by the people's art appreciation right? Nobody is ineligible to marry, to have the baby, to fall in love with a same-sexual people, to have a specific way to have sex, to listen to a singer who is not politically correct. Now we even can't watch foreign movie and television works. Who is happy? Are you happy?

Who is happy? Anyway, I'm not.