AirScript 隐私和 Cookies 策略变更 | Changes to the AirScript Privacy and Cookies Policy

我们正在更新我们的隐私政策,为欧盟本月的一般数据保护条例( GDPR )做准备。虽然此更新是受到欧盟强制要求,但它们将适用于每个用户。为什么?无论你把世界的哪个角落(甚至是互联网)称为家,我们都认为隐私是非常重要的。

AirScript 隐私和 Cookies 策略变更 | Changes to the AirScript Privacy and Cookies Policy
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我们正在更新我们的隐私政策,为欧盟本月的一般数据保护条例( GDPR )做准备。虽然此更新是受到欧盟强制要求,但它们将适用于每个用户。为什么?无论你把世界的哪个角落(甚至是互联网)称为家,我们都认为隐私是非常重要的。

您在使用 AirScript 网站或应用的时候,我们会收集您的一些信息。这些信息将协助我们改善产品的使用体验。同样也让我们定向为您提供服务。

与您有关的信息控制权限现在有了较大的变更。我们更新了我们隐私和 Cookies 策略以便您能更透彻得了解我们对您以及数据的使用情况。






Cookies 以及浏览器设置

我们正在更新使您能控制 AirScript 及相关联页面 cookies。以便您能控制您需要以及不需要的内容。



您可访问 获得有关此次变更的更多信息。如果您需要更多的帮助,可通过其页面的邮箱联系我们。

We're updating our privacy policy in preparation for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this month. Although these updates are sparked by European law, on AirScript, they will apply to everyone. Why? Because we think privacy is super important, no matter what corner of the world (or the internet) you call home.

The AirScript collects and uses some information from you when you visit our websites and apps. This helps us make something for everyone. It also means we can give you more of the things you’ll love.

There are some big changes happening around your data rights. We will be updating our Privacy and Cookies policy to reflect these changes and we want to let you know exactly what this means for you and your data.

Your data matters to us. But ultimately, it’s your data.

You shouldn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know your rights. We’ve made our policies more transparent and clear and listed the changes below...

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Your Information and Privacy

We’ve rewritten our policy to make it shorter, clearer and easier to understand how we collect and use your personal information. We also added a new section that explains your rights and how you can exercise them.

Cookies and Browser settings

We’ll be updating how you can control cookies on AirScript sites so you can decide what you want (and don’t want).

And finally

Our Privacy Promise is always in place and remains the same to ensure you are protected. It’s focused on providing you Transparency, Choice and Trust.

To find out more about these changes, go to . And if you have any further questions or help, there is an E-mail address on that site to assist you.