Tom Daley 失去参赛资格后崩溃【附完整采访中文译文】

ENGLISH version follows Chinese translation.
Tom Daley fails to qualify for diving final of men’s Olympic 10m platform in Rio and crashes out in last place

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I’ve worked so hard these past four years to get to this point

Yesterday I got an Olympic record and today it just wasn’t meant to be. That’s what diving does sometimes.

I truly am heartbroken, because I really do feel I’m in peak physical condition, and I could have gone out there and won tonight. It’s really hard to accept how it went today.

When I’m up on the board, I’m completely present in the moment; today things just weren’t clicking. I was giving it my all, I was so up for it today – training beforehand was really good, but in the competition it just fell apart.

It didn’t feel any different, I guess my mind and body weren’t connecting. I knew I had a shot on the last dive still, and I gave it my all, it just didn’t happen today.’Those other guys did absolutely amazingly, I’m so happy with the way the whole of Team GB has done at these Olympic Games: it makes me so proud to be a part of Team GB.

I just wanted to stand on top of that podium and replicate some of that last night. Another four years of hard work to try again next time.I am really happy. I just really wanted to get that Olympic gold medal this time around.

Tokyo is even more in my sights than ever now. I’m going work even harder than ever before

It’s just heartbreaking because it’s the Olympic games, and those five rings on the wall mean so much to me. To not be in the final is heartbreaking.