English translation is after Chinese.

今天我们对 O2 网站进行了视觉效果的重大变更,并且对 AirScript 关联网站的访问策略进行了修改。带来了如下改变:

  1. 来自中国台湾、香港和澳门的用户可能会遇到一些速度上的问题,具体表现为访问节点接入中国大陆,我们将会在后期进行调整。
  2. 我们取消了中国大陆用户访问 O2 评论系统时不可见的提示。为遵守中国大陆的相关法律法规,我们的评论系统仅面向非中国大陆的用户。
  3. 我们即将上线 I/O 网站,所有站务以及技术相关的文章将发表在 I/O 网站。

注:用户所在区域位置判断依照用户请求 O2 的 IP 地址。

Today we made major visual changes to the O2 website and modified the access policy for AirScript affiliate sites. Brought the following changes:

  1. Users from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau may encounter some speed problems, as the nodes they requested is in mainland China, and we will adjust them later.
  2. We have removed tips that the O2 commenting system are not visible to users in mainland China.  In order to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the mainland China, our comment system is only for non-Chinese(requests from mainland China) users.
  3. We will launch the I/O website, and all site and technology related articles will be published on the I/O website only.

N.B. User's region is determined by the IP address they request.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash